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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that creating a personalized gift online is new to a lot of people. Please take some time to read our FAQ, it may help answer a few of your questions. Feel free to contact us


How to place order ?

1. Sign up as EveryLove Member
2. Choose your gift and start design
3. Add to cart and check out
4. Enter your delivery address, name and contact no
5. Select payment method
6. Review your order and make payment

Can I buy in bulk quantity ? Any discount ?

Yes, there will be discount price for bulking quantity. Please click this link, and fill up the required information. Our sales team will reply you quotation.


How long with it take to create a Customised Gift?

For West Malaysia 3 to 5 business day can reach your place, for East Malaysia 3 to 7 business day. If urgent, please contact our sales team, we can do special arrangement

How much for the shipping fee ?

West Malaysia RM8
East Malaysia RM15
Free Shipping above RM80 (West Malaysia only)
For international shipping rate, please contact our support team

How to track my parcel ?

We will send you the tracking no and tracking link by email. Alternately you may track your order here

Can I arrange self collection at your shop ?

Sure you can, please contact our support team to check your order status before you come to pick up.

Can you ship international ?

Yes, we can. Please contact our support team for international shipping rate.


What payment method available at your website?

Currently we accept online banking and cash deposit.


Can you help with the design of a personalised gift?

You can use our designer tool to create your own design, there will be more than 3 hundred templates. If you still need our help , Please click live chat button at the bottom, our support team wil reply within 5 mins.

What is the requirements if I want upload my own photo ?

To ensure quality of printing, please provide minimum 300dpi or 1500px x 1500px. This information can found on the picture properties.

Will the design look like the images we see on this website?

The finished image may not appear as shape as your original. There will be 10% to 20% different if compare to your original image.


How to use text ?

To use text in your design, just reach to this tab and select pre-made texts or select font style you want to add then click to add them.

To show more font styles, just press Load more 1000+ Fonts the new popup show up which allow you add more fonts to list.

View screenshot for more details

How to move layer to front of other one ?

All layers which you added to design are displayed on Layers tab.

To change the order of layers, just follow ways to do that.To back or forward other layers, just drag and drop them.

Change from Layers tab

Go to Layers tab, change the order of layers from top to bottom to sort them, just drag and drop them to change position

Change from toolbar

Select a layer via design area, click on Arrange Layers icon on the toolbar then change on Backward or Forward to move the current layer to the front of to back of another one.

How to change product color and quantity?

The color is important to value your product. You can change the color of the set of patterns colors.

Our editor supports set fixed colors patterns or allow user selection.

The Quantity

Often a product has a quantity box for entering the value. In some case, products allow order multi-product size, with custom quantity for each size.

Bellow, there are two cases you can set quantity

Product has one quantity box

Product has many sizes for order with custom quantities

How to fill color for image and text ?

In some case, you want to have another color for image or text.

Our editor have the fill feature to helps you that task.

Just select the layers then use the tools below:

You can apply this to clipart, shape, text. Images.

How to use image filter effect ?

This feature helps you make the image have a great effect as the filter of a camera.

There are 20+ effects ready to use.

To use this, just click on the image then select the Effects Filter icon.

The new box shows up with some options as the screenshot below. Select preset filter on the Image Filters to apply effects.

You can change other values to make photo looks better.

How to make curved text ?

To make your text more curved, please follow tips:

Firstly, select text layer you want to apply, then press the Text Effects icon, a box settings show up.

Select the Curved Text effects to apply.

If your text does not fit with your ideas, just try to adjust the Radius and Spacing options to make text looks better.

How to add product to cart ?

After design ideas, you can put an item into the cart and continue edit with other product or go to checkout.

To add to cart product. Firstly focus on the tab Product. In here, you can see some product details and printing method + attributes. You have to complete selection printing method and attributes values before adding to cart.

The printing method is the method to print your design on the product. As many similar stores, you have some attribute need to finish when adding a product to cart.

Our editor supports many attribute type; even they have the price on it. When attribute changed the price of the product will be changed base on values attributes and printing methods.

After finish, just press the Add To Cart button. You will see the number on the My Cart will increase when new product added

Can I change language?

Yes you can switch to other languages with dropdown as screenshot

What should I do after finish my design ?

After finish your design, please add to Cart.?Our editor has preview cart with cart items you added. To view more items in the cart just press View Details button.

In the View Details popup, you can see more details for a product such as an attribute selected, the price for each them and subtotal price, total price as well.

To go to checkout, please press the Checkout button.

How to create text with mask background ?

To use text mask background of the image.

Firstly we have to add text and image into design area then click on the image and select mask icon.

Notice, you have to put text above the image as the screenshot.

The new box options show up as

In this box, select the text layers above image to apply effects.

After some second the result will show up.

How to remove background ?

To remove the background of an image.

Firstly we have to select the image then click on the remove background icon.

The new box options show up as

In this box, we have to know image has light background or black background and select same value into  Mode option

After that increase, the Deep value, use the amount which you saw that the background removed or fit with your ideas.

How to crop image ?

To crop an image after adding into design area, just click on image and select crop tool

The new popup show up

The image will be cropped with the exact position you put into the viewer.

There are some tweaks to make your image align better such as:

  • Center: move selection to center of image
  • Horizontal center: move selection align to horizontal center
  • Vertical Center: move selection top align to middle
  • Square: make selection square

After selected area, just press Save button


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