Create a customized, Personal Gift For Him

Every Love makes it easy to find the perfect gift for the special “him” in your life.  We offer a great selection of gifts for him such as polos’, sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs and much more that can be personalized with an image or unique message.  Just imagine when that special man in your life opens your gift and sees that you took the extra time to personalize a coffee mug with a special message that you both share.

Gift for him suggestions

1. Customize a t shirt or mug with a picture, or a special conversation that you both share

2. Personalize a polo shirt with a special title, “World’s Greatest Dad”, “Number One Brother”, “World’s Best Boyfriend”, “My Favorite Brother”

3. Customize a t shirt with a picture, or pet saying that you both share

4. Tell him how much you love him with a special message on his daily coffee mug i.e World’s Best Cook, Master Mechanic, Malaysia’s Best Golfer


find the perfect gift for him

A personalized gift makes a lot of sense when shopping for men, as they need to be reminded – how much they mean to you.  We find that in many cases people now purchase multiple gifts for their men, where they buy them a practical “pair of socks” type of gift, then adds on an additional personalized gift as the “bow”. 

Just imagine how excited your husband would be to receive both a new set of screw drivers and a personalized coffee mug which reads “My Hubby – World’s Greatest Handyman”. 

We listed a few popular gifts giving occasions that may help you.  Each example is based on our years of experience helping people like you find the perfect gift for their husband, brother, son, co-worker or best friend. Please let us know if you have any additional ideas or comments.  We would love to hear from you. Connect with Us

your special dad

Dads are special. They are often the boss in the household and are used to being treated that way.  Underneath their strong tough shell is usually a tender, loving person who cares the world for you. In many cases, they do not expect or want expensive gifts and are overjoyed by the simple fact that you took the time to recognize them as the center of your world.

We recommend that you take some time to reflect on the special moment that you and your father shared.  It could be a fishing trip, a family get-away or as simple as the morning breakfast where you both sit across each other while mom cooks in the kitchen. Now that you’re feeling good about your Dad, think of the special talks you had with him.  Does anything stand out that would make for a nice saying on his new mug or polo shirt?

Here are a few quick suggestions that we came up with based on the above special moment examples.  If the two of you shared a fishing trip, you might just create a mug or t-shirt with a slogan – “My Favorite Fishing Buddy”, or “My Dad, World’s Greatest Fly Fisherman.”

In the case of family get-away, you might want to create a polo shirt with the saying “My Favorite Travel Buddy”, or “Greatest Cookout Chef”.

Lastly, you might want to create a morning coffee mug with the word “Best Dad in the World”, or “My breakfast Buddy”.  In all of our examples, we had a lot of fun remembering our Dad and why he’s special to us.  We hope that we sparked your imagination and am sure you will come up with something special for the world’s greatest Dad.  Gifts for Dad

T-Shirts For DAD

He’s a Keeper

(Gifts for your Boyfriend)

Buying a gift for your boyfriend can be a frustrating time, especially if he’s a new boyfriend and you’re still learning his likes and preferences.  Play it safe with a personalized t-shirt, hoodie, polo or even mug.  A lot of women create personalized coffee mugs with a picture of the two of you.  They tell us they hope their boyfriend uses the mug in the office, as it will serve two purposes.  One it’ll remind your boyfriend of the special relationship that the two of you share, and two, the picture of the two of you on the mug will mark your territory that your boyfriend is “a taken man”. Gifts for Boyfriend


Everyone loves their brothers, even though they can sometimes get on our nerves.  Let them know how much they mean to you with a customized t-shirt or mug.  Try and think of a popular phrase you use to share with each other and have it printed on a t-shirt.  You could also dig up some nice images and create a collage on to of a tee-shirt with the caption “World’s Best Brother”. Gifts for Brother


Everyone has a few good friends that act as a big brother.  Every Love makes it easy to show them how much they mean by giving them a customized mug or t-shirt.  We recommend that you find a nice picture of the two of you and add it to either a t-shirt or mug, just add a nice saying and you’re done.  You just created a personalized custom gift that will remind your friend just how important they are to you.