Shopping for your best girlfriend, sister or mother can be a frustrating time when trying to find that “special something” that will show her just how much she means to you.  In todays modern world, it’s easy to purchase gifts – just point and click and wait to receive the goods.

Even the most exotic gifts have become common place.  Looking for a pair of French designed shoes, or an Italian handbag, just Google it and you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for within minutes.  Of course, it’s paying for such luxury goods is another story.

At Every love, we try to bring back a personalized “feeling” to gift giving by allowing you to customize a t shirt, polo, hoodie or even tote bag with your very own pictures and wording.  Imagine how excited your sister will be when she receives a coffee mug with both your pictures on it, with the message, “Sisters for Ever”.

We listed a few popular “gifts for her” giving occasions that may help you.  Each example is based on our years of experience helping people like you find the perfect gift for their wife, Sister, daughter, co-worker or best friend. Please let us know if you have any additional ideas or comments.  We would love to hear from you. Connect with Us


Moms are special, they have been caring for us before we wear born.  They have a keen sixth sense that makes them seem supernatural as they seem to know when we are feeling down, or caught a cold, or have a fight with our boyfriend.  We love them like a sister, a best friend and of course like the caring mother they are.  How on earth can we buy a gift for mom, that will show them just how much we love them?

Let’s think for a minute about all of the things that our mom, has done for us.  While theirs probably too many things to think about, we could probably jot down a few extra special times, where our mother really made our lives special.  It could be as simple as making us our 10,000 meal or been the times she read to us before we feel asleep. 

By the way, did you know that by the age of 9 years and a few months, you will have eaten over 30,000 meals.  Chances are you mother made most of the meal you have eat, or at least she was the one who made sure you were feed the 30,000 meals?

Now that you’re feeling good about your Mom, think of the special times you had with her.  Does anything stand out that would make for a nice saying on his new tote bag or polo shirt?  You know you can still buy Mom a nice handbag, along with a personalized gift. Of course, we bet that “Moms being Moms” will always favor the less expensive personalized gift.

Here are a few quick suggestions that we came up that would make for a great personalized gift for Mom.  Lets start with the obvious, a t shirt with “World’s Best Mom”, or a mug with a picture of the two of you with the caption, “I’ll Love You Always”.  Our favorite personalized mothers gift would be a simple design of a red heart with the picture our the two of you inside the heart. 

If your still need more ideas for a special customized gift for Mom, please check our our Gifts for mom page Gifts for Mom

T-Shirts For MOM

Apron For MOM

She’s the Best (Gifts for your Girlfriend)

Picking out the perfect gift for your girlfriend can be a difficult task as the both of you probably know the what the other is always up to, in other words when you’re at the mall shopping, so is your girlfriend.  While you could just login to Lazada or some other online ecommerce website and purchase a gift.  There’s nothing on those sites that really tell your “best” girlfriend how much they mean to you.

Why not take some time and let your girlfriend know exactly what she means to you with a personized t shirt, polo shirt, mug or tote bag.  We bet that you can dig up a few great pictures of the two of you, where you can then add a secret message that only the two of you know what it means. Gifts for Girlfriend

My Little Sister, Big Sister, They’re all Great!

Try something new this year with a personalized gift for your sister.  You can really show her how much you care about her with a custom t shirt with pictures of her and you.  Just add a few nice words and you created a fun-loving t shirt that she will cherish for years to come.

We bet you can come up with some really funny “pics” of you and your sister that will make the whole family laugh.  We offer a good variety of customizable gifts such as mugs, t shirts, polo shirts, baby jumper (great idea for the expecting mother), or tote bags.

Please let us know how well your sister likes her gift as we would love to share your story with our visitors. Gifts for Sister

Gift for Your Daughter

What happens when you love your daughter and she has just about everything she needs?  We feel that you should give her a surprise with a customized gift that tells her how much you care about her.  If you like you can always buy her a second gift where your custom gift for her acts almost like a personalized birthday card.

If your stuck on what to say, we might be able to help with a few suggestions such as “World’s Greatest Daughter”, “I Love You Always”, “Congratulations on Your Graduation”, and the “World’s Best Mom”.  We bet that you can come up with some even better slogans for your personalized gift for your daughter.  Gifts for Daughter

Gift for your Female Coworker

Buys gifts for a coworker can really be a hassle as you usually stuck with a few constraints such as a limited budget, short time span and lack of personalized information.  Every Love makes it easy buy offering some great ideas on gifts for a coworker that we are sure they will love. 

We can give you a few examples of gift slogans but are sure that you and your coworkers will be able to come up with even better ones.   Our gift suggestions would start by thanking your coworker for making the morning coffee or being the one to open the office in the morning, or who always stays late to close shop.  If your gift is for the boss, we would always recommend the tried n tested coffee mug slogan, “World’s Greatest Boss”.