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Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts help to show your appreciation to your workers, customers, business partners and companies who do business with you.   A personalized gift will “go a long way” in telling people how important they are towards your business. 

Every Love offers a quality selection of unique and personalized corporate gifts.  Our focus is on providing a large assortment of gifts that include: Non-woven Bags, Canvas Bags, Lanyards, Jute Bags, Pen, Notebook & Notepad, Keychain, Umbrella, Thumb Drive, Bags, Backpack Bag, Laptop Backpacks, Multipurpose Bag, Pencil Pouch, Sling Bag, Travelling Bag, Trolley Bag. Ceramic Mugs, Bottle and Vacuum Flask.

Every Love has been in the gift giving business for several years and has trained personal who are willing to offer advise on how to market and promote your gifts for a variety of functions such as corporate meetings, events dinners, and marketing campaigns.

What is a Corporate Gift?

A Corporate gift is a tangible object that is given to someone to show your appreciation to them in regard to your business operations.  The gift is given out of appreciation for their services or support and is given without any expectation of reciprocity – one should never expect payments or favors in return for the gift.

Corporate Gift giving also offers some business opportunities as the act of gift giving can be used to signify how much you value your workers and customers.  Most accountants view corporate gift giving as a way to build goodwill for an organization

A few Corporate Gift Giving Tips (via Accounting Today).

Keep Gifts Corporate – Give gifts with company logos, give gifts that are non-personal and can be used during the course of business.

Make Gifting Inclusive – Make sure to present your gifts in a public manner, present gifts to teams and not individuals.  Always be transparent in your gift giving.

What is the Best Corporate Gift?

Taking the extra time to select the perfect Corporate Gift can help project how your company is perceived by both employees, business partners and customers.  Selecting a unique gift shows that your company is different and has the capability to think “outside of the box”.

The first step in planning should include questions regarding your budget, timeline and number of gifts.  Once you understand your budget and the number of gifts you can then think about the time that will be needed to create the gifts and deliver them to your business customers.

Timing is essential in gift giving as you do not want to have your gift delivered while your client or employee is distracted with their work.  It is worthwhile to note that general gift giving etiquette suggests that it is better to have your gifts delivered by a third party and not delivered in person. 

The reasoning behind such “gift giving” etiquette is that you do not want to have your company appear too showy or conspicuous.  Of course, you can always add some glitz n shine to your gift by having it wrapped in an attractive manner.

The type of gift depends on who the person is, and what their role is as an employee or customer.  A key tip in deciding what type of gift to give lies in a single question.  -- Will they use the gift while they are ay work?  If the answer is “yes”, then your most likely picking out the right corporate gift. 

Why are Corporate Gifts Important?

Corporate gifts show your appreciation towards your employees and customers.  Most people view receiving a gift as a verification that a relationship is valuedCorporate gifts help to strengthen business relationships and provide an excellent return on investment.

Corporate gifts offer a golden opportunity to tell both employees and customers – thank you.

Who supplies the Best Selection of Corporate Gifts?

Of course, we feel that Every Love provides the best Corporates Gifts in Malaysia.  As we do our best to acquire gifts that are high in quality and unique in selection.  All of our gifts allow for customization and personalization.  Our gift range offers a wide selection of interesting gifts for both your employees and customers.  Please let us know if you are looking for something different as we might be able to find for you.