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About EveryLove

Gift giving in the 21st century has become difficult, due to the fact that almost everything is within a few clicks from being delivered to your doorstep.  While it might be easier to buy a gift for a loved one, the fact is, buying a personalized gift for a loved one has never been so difficult.

It seems like everything is massed produced, and homogenized, which doesn’t help much when you want your gift to be something extra special.

EveryLove is based on the concept that everybody loves to feel special by receiving a personalized gift.  The gift could be as simple as a mug, a t-shirt or even a tote bag.  In all instances, we find that people tend to become attached to their own personalized gift.

Our Gifts

We started with t-shirts as they offer a great opportunity for customization through images, designs and personalized words.  Later we added coffee mugs that happen to be very popular for office gifts, grab gifts and recognition awards. 

Lately, our personalized gift has grown to include hoodies, polos, caps, totes and aprons.  We can personalize just about anything, but it’s probably best to select from the ready stock selection that we currently have.

Have some ideas for customized gifts?  Please contact us to let us know, as we would love to continue to grow our online gift shop to include as many personalized gifts as possible.

Customer Service

Our customers are everything, as we know without them, we would be lost.  At EveryLove, we pride ourselves of the impeccable customer care/service that we provide. We value our customers’ time and their busy schedules; expedient replies to inquiries, with clear and concise responses especially on delivery schedules and printing capabilities.

Expedient service includes timely delivery; no order or delivery is too small or too large. We value time and we believe our customers’ time is just as important as ours.  So we make sure deliveries are always on time without any delay. No order is too small or too large for us, we accept single orders and deliver these in the same timely manner as we accept and deliver large orders.

Our Vision

EveryLove’s vision is to help personalize gift-giving in Malaysia.  We want to help people express how they feel about their loved ones, and maybe not so loved ones.  Our goal is to help Malaysian express themselves via an assortment of online personalized gifts.


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Dataran C180, Cheras
43200, Cheras Selangor


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